Earlier this year Sky decided to try something very adventurous to tell people about their upcoming Autumn programmes: namely a 4D,VR experience in the heart of London’s Westfield White City that would combine the excitement of live sport with the power of TV drama in real time, virtual reality.  

GCVRS was very excited when we were asked by Framestore to become involved with making this daring idea come to life.

In order to deeply immerse the user and provide the key audio directional prompts needed to ‘frame’ the action hotspots in the experience, Technical Lead Steve Lane worked within the Unreal game engine, heading the team at GCVRS to design and weave spatialised sound throughout the experience.

One big challenge for the GCVRS team was to create fully reactive audio for the flaming torch within the ‘Entertainment’ section. As the sound of the flames needed to match its movement to the visuals, it was key to ensure it would realistically react when the user moved the controller. To do this GCVRS created a physics-based model to determine speed and distance, triggering the sound to react according to the user’s movement. With VR still a relatively new medium, not many (if any) examples of this kind of reactivity currently exist.

This project provided us with a perfect opportunity to showcase GCVRS’ abilities in spatial sound and it was a thrill to be involved in from start to finish.

The experience is at Westfield until November and is engaging lay people and experts alike. Well worth a trip to West London.


Thanks to Framestore, SapientRazorfish and Sky for inviting us along for the ride, we had a blast!

Sound Design Team:

Steve Lane (VR Sound Designer and Technical Lead),
Mirren Malcolm-Neale, George Castle.

Project Manager:

Mike Hill