Lizzy Andrews

Transfer Engineer

Lizzy’s love for sound started when she used to rifle through her dad’s record collection and became obsessed with an array of music genres. During her school years she played piano and flute in bands and regularly frequented gigs. Becoming more interested in how to record and mix, Lizzy went on to study Music Technology at college and later pursued a degree in the same subject at the University of West London.¬†Upon graduating, she worked for a VR start up and then joined GCRS in order to further develop her skills in post-production.

Throughout her time at GCRS, Lizzy has assisted engineers with foley and sound design, and recently oversaw ADR and sound-designed her first project alongside colleague Rachel Scott for the charity Women’s Aid. She is currently building a sound studio in her cellar and is fascinated by creating atmospheric soundscapes using the nature around her.