Miles Henry

ADR Recordist

Having spent his younger years training as an actor at the famous Italia Conti school, Miles was more surprised than most to find himself captivated by audio during a stint of work experience as a live sound operator at a theatre in Bromley. From that point forward he steered away from a lifetime of thespianism to a degree in Performance Sound.

It was a love for theatre that gave him his real appreciation for sound, but post-production really opened up his eyes to the possibilities of audio. It is arguably his artist background that makes Miles one of the most promising emerging sound designers today.

In October 2020, Miles reached a pivotal moment in his career when he created his piece of high profile solo sound design work for Black Minds Matter, ‘Taking Flight’, a beautiful film directed by Luke Nutt that explored some of the challenges and prejudices faced by so many young black men and women today.