Munzie Thind

Creative Sound Designer

Munzie is one of GCRS’ longest standing members and is responsible for a huge portfolio of critically acclaimed work acquired over the course of over 25 years.

A hip-hop b-boy at heart, Munzie’s love for sound sprung up from being part of an emerging creative culture in Gravesend when he was in his teens, encompassing graffiti artists, break dancers and musicians. He set up a record shop with his brother selling music and merch and regularly DJ’d. It’s this love for music that has allowed him to grow into one of the most sought after sound designers in the UK, universally liked by directors, producers, editors, creatives and composers (although he’d be too humble to admit this).

His most recent accolades are for the multi-award winning Argos ‘The Book of Dreams’.
Visit his reel for many other outstanding pieces of award winning work.