NSPCC, Don’t Look

Showreel Jan/Jul 2021

Immersive Reel

Very, The Throne

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Creative Team: Matthew Moreland, Chris Clarke
Client: Very
Creative Agency: Grey London
Director: The Bobbsey Twins

Walkers, Taste Icons

Sound Design: Gary Turnbull
Creative Team: Tori Fannon, Jade Sturman
Client: Walkers
Creative Agency: Vccp
Director: Stephen Pipe

Very, Throne

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Creative Team: Matthew Moreland, Chris Clarke
Client: Very
Creative Agency: Grey London
Director: The Bobbsey Twins


Ionos, Aunt Helga

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Ionos
Creative Agency: Armoury
Director: Marc Sidelsky


Heineken, Celebrations

Sound Design: George Castle
Client: Heineken
Creative Agency: Publicis Italia
Creative Team: Luissandro Del Gobbo, Mihnea Gheorghiu,
Sandra Bold, Eoin Sherry, Costanza Rossi,
Marina Perta, Pamela Bianda
Director: Markus Walter

Adidas, Ready for Sport

Creative Agency: Iris London
ECD: Henry Scotland, Rachid Ahouiyek
Creative Director: Gabi Mostert
Managing Partner: Nico Tuppen
Senior Acc Handler: Simone Botherway
Account Manager: Lottie Tonks
Planner: Rory Natkiel
Agency Producer: Annabel Singer, James Plaxton, Oliver Rushton
Film Production: POPS Production
Director: Gabi Mostert
Editor: Iain Finlay, Andy Sowerby
Post Production: POPS
Music Supervision: Wake The Town Ltd
Music Licensing: Wake The Town
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios
Sound Design and Mix: George Castle
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Virgin Mobile, Hothouse

Agency – BBH
MD of Mobile – Jeff Dodds
Director of Marketing – Cilesta Van Doorn
Senior Marketing Manager – Katie Kinchin Smith
Campaign Manager – Lauren Dean
Creative Team – Adrien Raphoz and Grant Codron
Executive Creative Director – Tom Skinner
Strategy Director – Richard Madden
Strategist – Ed Kurland
Business Lead – Holly Ripper
Account Director – Nick O’Donnell
Account Manager – Krish Maharaj
Film Producer – Spru Rowland
Print Producer – Sarah Knight
Production Company – Jelly
Executive Producer – Sue Loughlin
Junior Producer – Kavita Daggar
Design – Design Lad (Matt Wood)
Director – Design Lad/Jelly Kitchen
Animation – Jelly Kitchen
Sound Design & Mix: George Castle @ GCRS

Pokerstars, Epic Downtime

Sound Design: George Castle
Client: Pokerstars Creative
Agency: Anomaly
Creative Team: Joe Corcoran, Niall Kerry
Director: Iain Morris

Starbucks, It Starts with Me

Creative Agency: Iris London
Creative Director: Daryl Corps
Copywriter: Matt Pickles
Art Director: Nick Jowitt
Agency Producer: Francesca Roberts
Production Company: Fresh Film
Directors: The Queen
Executive Producer: Simon Petter
Post Production: Black Kite
Music: Mr Pape
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: George Castle
Audio Producer: Ciara Wakley

Manchester United, Made To Turn Heads

Creative Agency: Homeground
Creative Directors: Henry Scotland / Rachid Ahouiyek
Producers: Bianca Anton / Rhiannon Reid @ 24 Productions
Production Company: Partizan
Audio Post Production: GCRS
Senior Sound Designer: Munzie Thind
Sound Designer: Markus ffitch
Senior Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Sansara with Raja

In collaboration with Raja

Adidas UCL, Kante

Creative Agency: Iris Worldwide
Agency Producer: James Plaxton
Audio Post Production: Gcrs
Sound Design And Mix: Markus Ffitch
Audio Producer: Ciara Wakley


Ben’s Original, Launch

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: Ben’s Original
Creative Agency: The & Partners
Director: Bob Harlow

FitXR, Workouts For Everyone

Creative Agency: Uncommon London
Production Company: Private Island
Director: Chris Boyle
Executive Producer: Helen Power
Edit & Post: Private Island
Music Supervision: String and Tins
Voice Over Artist: D-Jukes (Wake The Town)
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design and Mix: Tom Pugh
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Childline, It follows Me Around

Advertiser: Childline
Product: Physical Abuse Awareness
Title: It Follows Me Around
Advertising Agency: NSPCC
Creative Director: Louis Haywood
Copywriters: Ben Liam Jones & Andy Hunter
Art Directors: Ben Liam Jones & Andy Hunter
Agency: Producer Louis Haywood
Sound Design: Tom Pugh

New York Bakery, Fancy Schmancy

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: Now Creative
Team: Ben Da Costa, Sarah Levitt, Kirsty Smith
Director: Mike Matthews

Pets at Home, We’re Better With Pets

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: The &Partnership London
Creative Team: Kate Allsop, Nuno Mendes,
Leandro Marchiori, Liz Oakley
Director: Nicolas Jack Davies

Jaguar, Project 8 Launch Film

Agency: Spark44
Director: Nigel Simpkiss
Production Company: 76Ltd
Sound Design & Mix: Gary Turnbull
Audio Post Production: Pure Soho

Childline, Nobody is Normal

Creative Agency: The Gate
Chief Creative Officer: Lucas Peon
Creatives: John Osborne / Rickie Marsden / Sam Whatley
Agency Producer: Susie Innes
Production Company: Rowdy & Blink
Director: Catherine Prowse
Rowdy Producer: Daisy Garside
Blink Producer: Josef Byrne
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Gary Turnbull
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Toyota, Robots

Agency: The & Partnership
Creative Director: Dom Gettins
Creatives: Andreas Lefteris & Elson Rodrigues
Agency Producer: Dale Chapman
Production Company: Mindseye
Director: Jon Barber
Producer: Charlie Phillips
Post House: Coffee & TV
Post Producer: Gus Quirk
Music: Finger Music
Audio Post Production – GCRS
Sound Design/Mix – Gary Turnbull
Senior Audio Producer – Molly butcher

Klarna, There’s a Smarter Way to Pay

Sound Design: Gary Turnbull
Client: Klarna
Director: Tim Erem

Mix: Gary Turnbull
Client: DHL
Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Director: Adam Berg

BBC, God Only Knows

Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Amanda James
Director: Jonas & Francois
Production Company: Red Bee Media Ltd

National Autistic Society, Sensory Overload

“The great thing about this project, from a sound design point of view, was that I was brought in at the start of the creative process. I felt it was vital to start by researching the experiences of people with autism, so that I could strive to put myself in their shoes and create something that would truly reflect the challenges they face every day.

“Instead of aiming for the beautiful, I wanted a soundscape that was really annoying. The sounds were looped and manipulated to disrupt the listener. By doing this we wanted to make them feel uncomfortable and alien – the repetitive and atonal audio is meant to strike a chord with the audience, communicating the message in an unnerving manner.

“I messed with the tempo of recorded and library sounds to add that arresting factor. In order to achieve a stark contrast with the rest of the film, I cut it dead at the end to surprise the viewer, as the film cuts to a shot of Chile, who has autism in real life.”
Munzie Thind: Sound Designer

Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Steve Cope
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Creative Director: Kit Dayaram
Writers: Kit Dayaram, Stine Hole Mankovsky and Oli Kellet
Art Director: Kit Dayaram
Sound Design: Munzie Thind

Sum Up, Make Your Business Ooooofficial

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Wonderhood Studios
Creative Team: Jack Croft, Stacey Bird, Ruud Kool, Stefan Van Zoggel
Director: Thomas Ormonde

Jaffa Cakes, Be What You Want To Be

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Jaffa Cakes
Creative Agency: Tbwa London
Creative Team: Dan Kenny, Duncan Brooks
Director: Jim Hosking

HSBC, No fixed Address

The unique creative treatment involved a theatrical stripped back set, creating a sense of bleakness. The sound therefore needed to be approached in such a way as to allow the viewer to step into the vicious circle.

The creative team wanted the voiceover to be machine-like, devoid of emotion as if it were the voice of ‘the system’. Renowned actor, Juliet Stevenson was cast and, after her voice was recorded down the line, it was pitched to make it feel monotonous with reverb added to give a sense of detachment.

We visited the film set to record the mechanical sounds of the revolving stage and foley recordings were layered into the final mix.

The third element was the music, purposefully manipulated like a scratched, stuck record ensuring a repetitive undertone. It was important that this did not dominate the mix but that centre stage was given to the vocal performance.

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Nike
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative Team: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath, Craig Williams, Evgeny Primachenko
Director: John Hillcoat

Facebook, Raybans

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Ray-Ban
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Facebook, Good Ideas Deserve to be Found

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Facebook
Creative Agency: Droga5 Ny
Creative Team: Thom Glover, Kia Heinnen, Ben Brown, Dave Canavan, Patrick Horton, Jackie Moran
Director: David Wilson


Sony, Listen

Creative Agency: Anomoly
Ecd: Veit Moeller
Creatives: Jordan Dunlop, Malu Figueiredo
Agency Producer: Elissa Singstock, Karen Whitehouse
Assistant Producer: Ruta Kuodyte
Film Production: Halal Amsterdam
Executive Producer: Joe Sanders
Producer: Francine Van Der Lee
Director: Juriaan Booij
Dop: Myrthe Mosterman
Editing Company: Will Judge Editing
Post Production: Black Kite
Composer: Massive Music
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios
Sound Design/Mix: Raja Sehgal


Nike, Awaken the Phantom

Agency – Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam
Executive Creative Directors – Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath
Creative Director – Craig Williams, Evgeny Primachenko
Art Director – Riccardo Rachello
Copywriter – Jake Barnes
Head of Broadcast Production – Joe Togneri
Broadcast Producer – Elissa Singstock
Assistant Producer – Sanne Van Hattum
Production company – Black Label Productions
Director – Matthew Vaughn
Producer – Tim Wild
Editing company – The Quarry
Editor – Paul Watts
Audio post production – Grand Central Studios
Sound Designer/Mixer – Raja Sehgal
Music – Massive Music
Justice Remix
Post Production – The Mill

BBC, Attenborough Wonderful World

Agency: RKCR Y&R
Production Co. Red Bee Media
Client: BBC
Title: Wonderful World
Directed By: Ted Heath & Paul Angus
Music: Nick Payne @The Works
Copywriter: Ted Heath
Art Director: Paul Angus
Account Director: Josh Harris
Producer: Kate Woodhouse
Research: Zena Marks, Lorna Lithgow, Samina Ahmed, Dale Shaw
Editor: Thomas Ioannou
Colourist: Ricky (MPC)

Lucozade, The Wild Ones

Agency: Grey London
Client: Lucozade Sport
Title: The Wild Ones
Agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Nils Leonard
Agency Producer: James Covill
Production Company: Cherry Films
Director: Jake Nava
Editor: Jarrett Fijal at Trim
Production Company Producer: Ben Cooper
DOP: David Johnson
Video Post: MPC
Post Producer: Ellora Chowdhury
Line Producer: Edwin Elkington
Online: Matthew Unwin, James Adamson
Grading: Jean-Clement Soret
Sound Design Edit and Mix: Munzie Thind

BBC Radio 2, Elvis

Production Company: Red Bee Media
Director: Steve Cope
Production Producer: Edel Erickson
Ad Agency: DFGW
Creative Director: Dave Waters
Art Director: Brendan Wilkins
Copywriter: Rodney Kavanagh
Editing Company: Cut+Run
Editor: Tim Hardy
Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Post Production House: Blue

Benadryl, War

Agency: JWT London
Client: Johnson & Johnson – Benadryl
Title: War
Sound Design & Mix: Munzie Thind
Director: Steve Cope
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Art Director: Andy Smith
Copy Writer: Ryan Lawson
TV Producer: Anna Church
Production Co: Rattling Stick
Production Co. Producer: Kate Martin
DOP: Clive Norman
Editor: Tim Hardy @ Cut and Run
Video Post Production: Aidan Gibbons (3D Op) @ The Mill and Gary Driver (Flame Op) @ The Mill

NSPCC, Don’t Look

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatachi London
Creatives: David Droga / Dennis Willison / John Pallant / Kes Grey
Director: Malcolm Venville
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Post Production: MPC London
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Raja Seghal

Army, Torchlight

Account Handler: Belinda Huckle
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Agency Producer: Sally-Ann Dale
Art Director: Alexandra Taylor
Client: COI/Army
COI Producer: Barbara Simon
Copywriter: Adam Kean
Creative Director: Adam Kean
Art Director: Alexandra Taylor
Editor: John Smith
Lighting Camera: Henry Braham
Music Composer / Arranger: Tot Taylor
Producer: Fran Ratcliffe
Production Company: Paul Weiland Film Company
Set Designer: Andrew Sanders
Sound Designer: Raja Sehgal

Jaguar, Rendezvous

Agency: Spark44
Brand: F-Type Coupe
Campaign: “British Villains” – Ad Title “Rendezvous”
Executive Creative Director: Werner Krainz
Creative Directors: Matt Page, Piggy Lines
Copywriter: Martin Cox
Executive Producer: Michael De Vries
Media Planning And Buying: Mindshare
Director: Tom Hooper
Production Company: Smuggler
Editor: Paul Watts The Quarry
Production Company Producer: Ben Croker Smuggler
Composer: Alexandre Desplat
Sound Design: GCRS

Nike, Write The Future

Sound Design & Mix: Raja Sehgal
Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Copywriter: Stuart Harkness & Freddie Powell
Art Director: Stuart Harkness & Freddie Powell
Producer: Elissa Singstock & Olivier Klonhammer
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Kling
Head of Broadcast: Erik Verheijen
Production Company: Mokkumercials – Amsterdam
Production Company: Independent Films – London
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Director: Stuart Harkness & Pablo Casacuberto
Executive Producer: Jani Guest & Richard Packer
Line Producer: Arttu Sesselaar & Elissa Singstock & Olivier Klonhammer
Director of Photography: Jeroen van der Poel
Editorial Company: Work Post London
Editor: Charlie Moreton
Post Executive Producer: Jane Dilworth
VFX Company: The Mill
VFX 3D Artist: Neil Davies & Tom Busel
VFX 2D Artist: Neil Davies & Tom Busel
Telecine Artist: Seamus O’Kane
VFX Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
VFX Producer: Matt Williams & Allison Cain
Additional Sound Design: Phaze UK

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatachi London
Creatives: David Droga / Dennis Willison / John Pallant / Kes Grey
Director: Malcolm Venville
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Post Production: MPC London
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Raja Seghal