Walkers, Taste Icons

Latest - Samsung, Awesome

Mix By: Raja Sehgal
Client: Samsung
Director: Vedran Rupic

Latest - OnTheMarket, Get Real About Moving

Mix By: Munzie Thind
Client: OnTheMarket
Creative Agency: Wonderhood Studios
Director: Thomas Ormonde

Latest - Malibu Rum, Welcome To Malibu

Mix By: Munzie Thind
Client: Malibu Rum
Director: Dave Meyers

Latest - Gorillas UK, Whatever London Wants

Mix By: Markus ffitch
Client: Gorillas UK
Creative Agency: The Or
Director: Ethan + Tom

Latest - what3words

Mix By: Tom Pugh
Client: what3words
Creative Agency: Neverland Creative
Director: Tom Speers

Latest - Walkers, Only on Holidays

Mix By: Munzie Thind
Client: Walkers
Creative Agency: VCCP
Director: Guy Manwaring

Work we love - DHL, Bond

Mix By: Gary Turnbull
Client: DHL
Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Director: Adam Berg

Latest - Celebrations “Bring The Whoop Whoop”

Celebrations “Bring The Whoop Whoop”
Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Celebrations
Creative Agency: Amv Bbdo Creative
Team: Clark Edwards, Andre Hull
Director: Damien Shatford

Latest - Samsung “Holiday Opens With Galaxy”

Samsung “Holiday Opens With Galaxy”
Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Samsung
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Latest - Lexus Es “Stressed”

Lexus Es “Stressed”
Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Lexus Creative
Agency: The&partnership
Creative Team: Andre Moreira,
Fabio Abram & Braulio Kuwabara 
Director: Adrian Chifor

Latest - Nike Kids “Play Lab – Mbappe”

Nike Kids “Play Lab – Mbappe”
Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Nike Creative
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Latest - BBH “Refuge”

BBH “Refuge”
Sound Design: Markus Ffitch
Client: Refuge
Creative Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty London 
Creative Team: Jennifer Ashton, Oliver Short

Latest - Stone X “Timing Is Everything”

Stone X “Timing Is Everything”
Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: Stone X
Director: Dominic O’riordan

Latest - EBAY “Buy a Thing, Sell a Thing”

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: Ebay
Creative Agency: Mccann London
Creative Team: Laurence Thomson, Rob Doubal, Ray Shaughnessy, Dan Norris, Matt Searle, Olly Wood
Director: David Wilson

Work we love - Heineken, Daniel Craig Vs James Bond

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Heineken
Creative Agency: Publicis Italia
Creative Talent: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini, Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi, Luissandro Del Gobbo, Fabrizio Tamagni, Michela Talamona, Gustavo Lacerda, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Milos Obradovic, Sandra Bold
Director: Miles Jay


Latest - Facebook, Raybans

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Ray-Ban
Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Latest - Ionos, Aunt Helga

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Ionos
Creative Agency: Armoury
Director: Marc Sidelsky

Work we love - Nike, Victory Swim

Nike: Victory Swim, awarded a Bronze Clio for Sound Design and a Bronze Cannes Lion for Diversity and Inclusivity, was no mean feat to deliver. Due to lockdown, Raja Sehgal recorded the dialogue remotely with the actor who was based in Egypt. The majority of the underwater sounds you hear were created using a special underwater microphone called a hydrophone. (Raja’s pond stood in for the Red Sea.) These recordings were then manipulated with the music stems working to tell the story which resulted in a really beautiful piece of work.

Creative Agency: Wieden & Kennedy-Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Eric Quennoy
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath
Creative Director: Evgeny Primachenko
Creative Director & VFX Supervisor: Craig Williams
Art Director: Zeynep Orbay
Copywriter: Macie Soler-Sala
Copywriter: Jake Barnes
Copywriter: Kervins Chauvet
Broadcast Producer: Stijn Wikkerink
Film Production: Rattling Stick
Director: Sara Dunlop
Editing Company: Trim Editing
Editor: Dominic Leung
Post Production: Glassworks
Music: KOM
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Raja Sehgal

Latest work we love - HSBC, No Fixed Address

The unique creative treatment involved a theatrical stripped back set, creating a sense of bleakness. The sound therefore needed to be approached in such a way as to allow the viewer to step into the vicious circle.

The creative team wanted the voiceover to be machine-like, devoid of emotion as if it were the voice of ‘the system’. Renowned actor, Juliet Stevenson was cast and, after her voice was recorded down the line, it was pitched to make it feel monotonous with reverb added to give a sense of detachment.

We visited the film set to record the mechanical sounds of the revolving stage and foley recordings were layered into the final mix.

The third element was the music, purposefully manipulated like a scratched, stuck record ensuring a repetitive undertone. It was important that this did not dominate the mix but that centre stage was given to the vocal performance.

Latest - Very, The Throne

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Creative Team: Matthew Moreland, Chris Clarke
Client: Very
Creative Agency: Grey London
Director: The Bobbsey Twins


Work we love - Childline, Nobody is Normal

This beautiful campaign, in collaboration with The Gate London, has picked up multiple awards including 3 D&D pencils and 5 Cannes Lions, including a particularly proud moment for us, a Silver Lion for the Use of Adapted Music. In a Pandemic year when home life was incredibly challenging and sadly often unsafe for many young people, Childline’s campaign became even more paramount. The client came to us with a beautiful stop-motion animation and no pre-existing sound, but a clear brief that they wanted to encapsulate anxiety. Gary expertly designed unique sounds to bring the puppetry to life, using distinctive crackling, fizzing effects all mixed to the Radiohead classic ‘Creep’. This is a true example of how sound completes a piece, and allows the original message to be conveyed in what is an important piece of work.

Creative Agency: The Gate
Chief Creative Officer: Lucas Peon
Creatives: John Osborne / Rickie Marsden / Sam Whatley
Agency Producer: Susie Innes

Production Company: Rowdy & Blink
Director: Catherine Prowse
Rowdy Producer: Daisy Garside
Blink Producer: Josef Byrne

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Gary Turnbull
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Work we love - Argos, The Book Of Dreams

This feel good campaign has music absolutely front and centre and has picked up multiple awards for Munzie’s sound design and mixing. The choice of track was essential. There had to be drums – as the father spots his dream drum kit in the Argos catalogue – but also be able to create an emotional arc that would end on a high. Achieving the end result was no mean feat and with no voiceover to narrate the advert whatsoever, perfection was arguably even more important. The epic father-daughter drum duet meant that the original backing track, Simple Minds’ Don’t You (Forget About Me), needed to be extended and a fill needed to be recreated. With no existing stems for the original track, the baseline and synth, a Roland Jupiter 8 synthesiser straight out of the 80s was hunted down and delivered to the studio. Finding the exact pre-set was tricky but within a couple of hours a new synth section was recorded. The result is a seamless track and spot that can’t help to put a smile on your face.

Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Client: Argos
Creative Agency: The&Partnership
Creative Team: Sarah Golding, Yan Elliot, Micky Tudor, Danny Hunt, Ludo Thomas, Arthur Harry
Director: Traktor

Latest - Klarna, There’s a Smarter Way to Pay

Sound Design: Gary Turnbull
Client: Klarna
Director: Tim Erem

The Twilight Saga ‘Midnight Ride’

The Twilight Saga ‘Midnight Ride’

Midnight Ride encapsulates the breadth of our capabilities in immersive sound. Framestore brought us on board to help create a group VR experience in one of the most hotly anticipated theme park launches in Zhuhai, China, Lionsgate Entertainment World. They devised the amazing real-time virtual media and we designed and integrated all of the real-time sound. Midnight Ride provides fans of the global phenomenon, The Twilight Saga, the unique opportunity to mount real motorcycles and become immersed in the Twilight world, joining Jacob Black and his wolf pack on an adventure through the forest before being hunted down by prowling vampires. We created a realistic representation of the ride in our immersive audio studio in London to ensure the sound would translate well once installed at the park in China, followed by two weeks on site in China to complete the work.


As each dirt bike was rigged with a hyper-directional loudspeaker, this gave each rider a unique aural experience whilst not isolating them from the sounds (and screams) of other players around them. With the deployment of gaze detection, real-time mixing occurs throughout the experience whilst the cinematic music is programmed to ensure key moments always hit specific points within the flexible game-engine narrative. This project won the Outstanding Achievement in the prestigious Themed Entertainment Awards.

Walkers, Taste Icons

Sound Design: Gary Turnbull
Creative Team: Tori Fannon, Jade Sturman
Client: Walkers
Creative Agency: Vccp
Director: Stephen Pipe

Work we love - Adidas, Arsenal

Advertising Agency: Iris London
ECD: Grant Hunter
Creative Directors: Rachid Ahouyiek / Henry Scotland
Associate Creative Directors: Matthew Carter / Jonathan Wedlake
Agency Producers: James Plaxton / Sophie Hewitt / Michael Hanney
Production Company: Kode
Director: Dominic O’Riordan
Edit House: Stitch
Editor: Jack Singer
Post Production: Kode Red
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios
Sound Design/Mix: Tom Pugh
Senior Audio Producer: Ciara Wakley

Ben’s Original, Launch

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: Ben’s Original
Creative Agency: The & Partners
Director: Bob Harlow

Pets at Home, Better with Pets

Sound Design: Tom Pugh
Client: The&Partnership London
Creative Team: Kate Allsop, Nuno Mendes,
Leandro Marchiori, Liz Oakley
Director: Nicolas Jack Davies


Nike, Write the Future

We’ve worked with Nike for over 20 years and have been integral to much of their iconic work that has continuously broken the barriers of TV and cinema commercials. The most awarded spot of all time, ‘Write the Future’ exceeded 300 audio tracks (a record at the time) and involved multiple scenes – live action and animation – that needed to be seamlessly blended together. Put simply, the extent of the sound design had never been heard before and is still considered one of the greats.

Title: Nike ‘Write The Future’
Client: Nike
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Facebook, Good Ideas

Droga5 and Facebook sought to bring personalised ads to life in support of small businesses with this rhythmic, poetic piece.  Grace Jones’ electro-robotic voiceover was recorded remotely in London via Jamaica during the Pandemic, with all sound timed to the beat of the chosen track.

Sound Design: Raja Sehgal
Client: Facebook
Creative Agency: Droga5 Ny
Creative Team: Thom Glover, Kia Heinnen, Ben Brown, Dave Canavan, Patrick Horton, Jackie Moran
Director: David Wilson


Pokerstars, Epic Downtime

Sound Design: George Castle
Client: Pokerstars Creative
Agency: Anomaly
Creative Team: Joe Corcoran, Niall Kerry
Director: Iain Morris

Work we love - FitXR, Workouts For Everyone

Creative Agency: Uncommon London
Production Company: Private Island
Director: Chris Boyle
Executive Producer: Helen Power
Edit & Post: Private Island
Music Supervision: String and Tins
Voice Over Artist: D-Jukes (Wake The Town)
Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design and Mix: Tom Pugh
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Work we love - Starbucks, It Starts With You

Creative Agency: Iris London
Creative Director: Daryl Corps
Copywriter: Matt Pickles
Art Director: Nick Jowitt
Agency Producer: Francesca Roberts
Production Company: Fresh Film
Directors: The Queen
Executive Producer: Simon Petter

Post Production: Black Kite
Music: Mr Pape

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: George Castle
Audio Producer: Ciara Wakley

Work we love - HSBC, The New Different

Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Aldridge
Creative Director: Mike Watson
Creatives: James Humphreys, Craig Hunt & Rob Bovington
TV Producer: Tash Bedford
Production Assistant: Henry Wiltshire
Strategy Director: Omar El-Gammal
Strategist: Eleanor Metcalf
Business Director: Claire Chislett
Account Director: Luke Thornton
Account Manager: Amirah Hajat & Olivia Taylor
Creative Producer / Project Manager: Tom Lawrence

Production Company: Merman
Director: Will Clark
Executive Producer: Siobhan Murphy
Producer: Debbie Carmichael
Director of Photography: Dan Holland
Production Designer: Simon Davis

Editor: Joe Wilby @ Marshall Street Editors
Edit Producers: S.J. O’Mara / Beanie Goldsmith

Post-Production: Coffee & TV
Grade: Simona Cristea
VFX: Katie Rhodes
Post Producers: Sarah Walsh / Joss Brindle

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Sound Studios
Sound Design & Mix: Munzie Thind
Audio Producer: Molly Butcher

Music Agency: CORD Worldwide
Music Supervisors: Seb Whyte & Alison Butters

Sound Design: Gary Turnbull
Creative Team: Tori Fannon, Jade Sturman
Client: Walkers
Creative Agency: Vccp
Director: Stephen Pipe